General FAQ: 

Q: If I order late when will my order be posted?

A: We First Date Rentals, try to ship items as early as possible for the coming weekend, this is usually on Tuesday/ Wednesday when most rentals are also returned. We offer same day postage for late orders placed before 1pm, orders placed after this time will be shipped the following day. 

Q: Do you offer in-store try ons?

A: Yes! Message us to book a try on in Epsom! 

Q: Do you offer postal try ons?

A: No we do not sorry.

Q: Do you rent over new years?

A: Unfortunately we do not, this is for the safety of our garments.

Q: Do  you allow pick ups?

A: Yes! We offer pick ups in Epsom, Auckland. Please feel free to select pick up as your shipping option and either message us to arrange or we will message you 1 day prior to your rental start date to arrange.

Q: Do I need to clean the dress if I dirty it?

A: No, we understand stains happen! Please send the garment back as is. Usually for minor staining we can remove this ourselves with no cost to the renter. For hard to remove stains however we may charge specialist dry cleaning fees. For further information please refer to the rental agreement.

Q: What will be the condition of my garment upon arrival?

A: We list all garment flaws on our website under the garments product page description. This is to ensure renters know about any small flaws in the garment prior to renting. It is also so that the renters knows they will not be charged for this known flaw. All garments however are in rentable condition. Any flaws will be minor. 

Q: How do I contact you?

A: https://firstdaterentals.co.nz/pages/contact-us

Q: What methods do you take to make First Date Rentals more sustainable?

A: We use Recycled plastic postal bags, that are then able to be recycled again. We reuse our return cards so that we aren't using excess paper that would normally be discarded. Our tissue wrap is all recyclable. 

Q: How do you work out the rental cost of your garments?

A: Rental fees are typically at lowest /5 or /6 of the retail cost of the garment. Some prices may be increased to account for how delicate a garment might be, how sought after it is and the newness of the garment. With older garments being typically reduced. 




Q: Do I need to sign for my order?

A: No you don't! All garments are shipping on Courier Post with signature release. 

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping is $12 for nationwide overnight. An extra $4 is charged for rural deliveries or Saturday delivery. This includes a prepaid return bag. 

Q: Do you offer saturday shipping?

A: Yes we do! This is an option at checkout! Please select this for orders placed later in the week for extra security.

Q: When should I expect my garment to arrive?

A: All orders are shipped at least 2 days prior to the rental start date. This is unless the order is placed last minute. Renters are contacted in the case of a late return that would affect this.

Q: What happens if my order does not arrive on time due to postal delays?

A: Please refer to our rental agreement for further information, however store credits are usually issued in this event.  



Q: How do I return my garment?

A: Please drop your garment in its return bag to your local post office. Please do not use postage boxes. Alternatively Courier Post offer door pick ups on their website under "Book a pick up". These will work for our return bags!

Q: When do I need to return my items?

A: Items need to be returned the next working day after your event. Your rental return date is also listed on your return card included with your garment. All items rented for the weekend must be shipped back to us on the following Monday. You will select a day based on when your rental begins, and this will generate the date it needs to be posted by. Any later than this will require a $20 per day late fee.

Q: Can I drop my items back?

A: Yes! We are happy for you to do this to our address in Epsom! Contact us for the address!

Q: What happens if i lose or damage an item?

A: Although we hope this doesn't happen, we hope you would contact us and we will agree a suitable price to compensate the damage. Read further about this in our rental agreement.

Q: Can I post back a drop off?

A: Yes however we prefer if you are wanting to do this, to request a return bag from us to be picked up with your rental. However if you are posting it yourself the item MUST be put on overnight tracked courier and the renter must supply us with the tracking.

Q: What if my rental return date is on a public holiday?

A: Please just drop the garment back in its return bag to the post office the next working day.

Q: I have forgotten to return my return card with my garment and received an invoice for the fee?

A: If you still have the card feel free to message us for the address to send it back to, to avoid the fee. Please help us in our endeavour to be more sustainable!