Rental Agreement

First Date Rentals Terms & Conditions

This website is operated by First Date Rentals. Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to First Date Rentals. First Date Rentals offers this website, including all information, tools and services available from this site to you, the user, conditioned upon your acceptance of all terms, conditions, policies and notices stated here.

By visiting any aspect of ' and/ or purchasing something from us, you engage in our “Service” and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”, “Terms” AND "The Rental Agreement"), including those additional terms and conditions and policies referenced herein and/or available by hyperlink. These Terms of Service apply to all users of the site, including without limitation users who are browsers, vendors, customers, merchants, and/ or contributors of content.

We reserve the right to alter and add to our hire terms and conditions as required. Any changes published will be effective immediately. The Renter is responsible for ensuring they're aware of the latest terms and conditions published on our website. 

Placing an order of any sort automatically binds you to these terms & conditions. 


  1. Basic Rental Rules/ Agreement

First Date Rentals agrees to rent our owned garments stated in the invoice/ rental confirmation/ contract for a set period of time, to the Renter whom is also listed on this agreement on the following terms & conditions. 

When you hire from First Date Rentals, you are purchasing the right to wear one of our gorgeous garments during your agreed rental period, stated on your confirmation email and in our system. Only you, the renter is able to wear your rented item and therefore it is not to be shared around to others while in your possession. 

The contract you agree to when you purchase a rental is the First Date Rentals rental agreement. This states in summary, that we hold you accountable to uphold the rental agreement, which is specified in your order including the dates for the rental period, the product ordered, its size, the condition of the item and the date by which the item is due to be returned and condition it is to be returned in. 

The rental is for the period of rental time that has been agreed on by both you and us (First Date Rentals). Therefore, after the agreed period of rental has expired, your right to have the item expires. You agree to return this item by the rental expiration date (the last date of your rental period). If the item is not returned by the due date stated in the terms and conditions you will be accountable for late fees. You the renter have no right to the product past the required date of return. The renter is liable for the garment from the time it leaves our doorstep till when it is returned to our doorstep. As this is a secure place to leave garments.

First Date Rentals is the legal owner of the all rental items at all times, you are simply 'borrowing'. Therefore, all rental items MUST be returned, and on time. 

The Renter acknowledges that in any breach of the rules stated in the terms & conditions that First Date Rentals has the ability to seek the described amendments (for example but not limited to, the full purchase price of an item). Methods can include debt collection agencies, at the renters cost. 

We hold highly and cherish our responsibility to provide you with your item in good time and in a good condition. 

All prices listed on our site are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD)

If you are under 18 years old age, your parent or legal guardian must agree to this contract.


The Rental Agreement in depth...

  1. Rental Fees

The rental fee is listed on the website in $NZDollars. It is also shown when you select your garment and during payment process. The shipping charges are calculated at checkout and will be listed for you.

Through submitting your order you agree to authorise us to charge your payment method for the rental fee, shipping and the required bond. This will happen immediately.

Rentals cannot be booked prior to payment. 

We do not hold items prior to payment being received.


  1. Garment Arrival Time

We only ship on weekdays, as per Courier Posts network. 

Garments are typically posted 2-3 days prior to your rental start period. Unless in the circumstances of a late order. 

We will contact renters in the event of a disruption to our ability to send an item 2-3 days prior to an event.

If you are needing your garment early on the morning or the days prior before your event ( for example, you are travelling early to your event) please leave a note at checkout so that we can make sure to send the item early. We do not offer refunds in the event the garment does not arrive in time if we are not notified of such circumstances.

All weekend hires must be placed by Wednesday 2PM unless selecting Saturday delivery. 


  1. Extended Rental Selection

If you select extended rental, this is for a rental 5 days or over and up to 6 days. Therefore, your rental period is up to 6 days from the first date of your rental period. The item must be returned by the 6th date. There is an increased cost associated with this.


  1. Item Descriptions

Items with small damages, or imperfections that we know about will have these listed in the 'garment condition' description on their product page. No refunds will be offered for renting items with listed imperfections as these have been acknowledged before renting the item. We are more than happy to offer photos of describe imperfections upon request.

Label size and recommended sizings are seperate to one another. Label size will always be the label attached by the maker of the dress, whereas recommended sizings are what we recommend is the actual fit of the garment. We are not liable if this description is not entirely accurate for you.


  1. Item Care/ Damages

You agree the name the order is placed under is legally responsible for the item in the case that issues arise.

You agree to treat your rental item(s) with care so that unnecessary damage does not occur. If the Garment fails to be returned or is damaged/ damaged beyond use you will be held accountable and required to pay for loss, destruction or damage to the goods. This may be due to theft, fire, stains, pulls, tears, major stains, loss of item or any other occurrences that may result in the garment, following your rental, being returned in a damaged condition or not returned at all.

You are required to pay compensation in order to replace, repair tor clean the damage to the item back to its original condition prior to your rental. Not following instructions such as cleaning instructions, return instructions or item care instructions authorises us to charge for repair/ replacement compensation.

You agree that if you receive an item damaged and the damages were not made by you, to contact us regarding these with photos as soon as the garment is received. Should renters NOT do this they will be subject to pay compensation for these damages upon return of the garment.

We First Date Rentals can provide receipt of purchase to show the value of the item as to determine suitable compensation from you the renter. Items that must be entirely replaced can be subject to compensation up to and including the full retail price of the garment, any import taxes paid and shipping costs.

The applicable costs will be determined fairly at the discretion of First Date Rentals based upon: A reasonable inspection of the item, its ability to be rented again, the degree of damage to the item, how much it will cost to repair/ clean and future rental loss. 

By renting you hereby authorise First Date Rentals to charge you the renter these listed costs, if any of the listed above damages or thefts occur. If the item is unable to be replaced, we will still require these same costs.


  1. Issues upon receiving a rental

Refunds are offered in the case where an item is received damaged & or stained beyond wearability and we are notified immediately. Items must be sent back on the same day after being received and remain unworn for your event. Choosing to use an item to your event means you accept the item in this condition and waive the right to refund. There is no other cases were sent items will be refunded.

Partial refunds may be offered if an garment is received in a wearable but not quite as listed condition. Please contact us immediately upon receiving if your garment comes with a minor defect or stain that we have not pre-listed. We will assess the situation and accordingly respond so that we can meet an agreement that is suitable. 

Please do remember we are a garment rental company, therefore items should not be expected to be in brand new condition. However, importantly we acknowledge they must be in wearable condition with minimal damage/ staining and appropriate for wear. We will aim to list or notify you of all changes in garment condition prior to renting/ receiving your rental.


  1. Shipping Information

How we ship?

We First Date Rentals, try to ship items as early as possible for the coming weekend, this is usually on Tuesdays or Wednesdays when most rentals are also returned.

Please note we can only do as much as the post allows us to, we always ship on overnight courier however this is subject to delays which are out of our control. When renting garments there is always an associated risk, particularly when you are choosing for us to ship the item via NZPost as a seperate contractor. We have a 3 day auto-block either-side of all rentals to allow for extra secure turn around times. However if delays are extensive or previous renters do not post their items back on time there is always slight risk. 

We aim to send rentals placed well in advance on overnight tracked shipping at least 2 days in advance of the rental start date. This is in order for the garment to arrive on time based on the NZPost/ Courier Post guidelines for shipping times although this is subject to delays. This can be checked via your tracking which shows the target delivery date.

We offer same day postage for late orders placed before 2pm, orders placed after this time will be shipped the following day. 

All parcels are shipped via NZPost or Courier Post. Courier Post/ NZPosts network only functions on weekdays- unless a Saturday delivery ticket is used. Therefore we can only ship on weekdays. We only offer overnight tracked courier shipping for $12, this includes a prepaid return bag. 

Your tracking number will be sent to you via email or text message when your item has been packaged by us. Please contact us if you have not received your tracking number. 

Renters should monitor their parcels closely and contact Courier Post urgently should issues arise. 

Overnight shipping is estimated to be overnight. Although rarely there are shipping delays that affect the items ability in meeting this estimate. Therefore overnight tracked shipping as stated by Courier Post is never guaranteed to deliver the following business day, as it is subject to processing delays.  

Rural shipping is estimated to take 1-3 days to arrive. If you do not select Rural shipping for a rural address, we are not liable if the item does not arrive in time.

Renters who incorrectly select pick up instead of shipping, will not be offered any form of compensation if the garment does not arrive to them in time. Please carefully select your shipping option, and double check this on your order confirmation.


Steps to contact Courier Post

To track your item please go to the NZ post tracking website, this can be used to track both NZPost parcels and Courier Post parcels. Or click the tracking link on your email. We advise constantly monitoring your tracking.

Shipping delays do occur. If your item has been delayed, please contact NZPost/ Courier Post on 0800 268 743 as soon as possible. Do not enter the tracking number when prompted (Doing this will only mean the system reiterates tracking updates to you). Rather keep hitting # until it connects you to a representative (Usually 3 times).

We ask that receivers contact Courier Post for issues as this is the items postal carrier and we unfortunately have no control over delays. When contacting Courier Post we advised that sometimes depot pick ups can be arranged if the item has reached your local depot. 

We are not liable for communications between our customers and Courier Post. Although in some circumstances we may try assist, this does not make us liable for the communication involved.


Your item has been shipped- What's next?

To track your item please go to the NZ post tracking website, this can be used to track both NZPost parcels and Courier Post parcels. Or click the tracking link on your email. Please monitor your tracking closely.


Delays/ Issues in the Courier Network

We unfortunately cannot speed up orders once within the Courier Network, please contact Courier Post for assistance with courier related issues. Please also contact us to let us know if the garment is delayed incase we can offer advice- we are happy to try help!

We, First Date Rentals are not liable for postal faults, attempted deliveries, delays in shippingmisdirects, issues generated by redirecting a parcel  (if the correct address has been printed) or any kind of shipping delay once the item is posted/ picked up by our courier. Renters who chose shipping are selecting for us to use an outside contractor 'NZ POST' to ship their item.

Should an item say delivered but can not be located by the renter, the renter must urgently contact NZ Post. As this means the item is determined to be with you and your responsibility. When contacting Courier Post we also advise that sometimes depot pick ups can be arranged if the item has reached your local depot. Contact must be made urgently to us and Courier Post in the even of a missing or extremely delayed parcel. 

Garments which arrive after the renters event date due to NZPost delays will be subject to store credit. Please email us if this occurs and we will set you up a store credit to the value of your garments rental cost. 

Orders that do not arrive in time due to late returns will be offered a full refund should the garment not arrive on time. We will contact the renter as soon as we know an item is returning to us late, so the renter will know if this applies to them and that the item is being sent late.

We do not offer refunds or store credits for orders placed on the Wednesday, Thursday or Friday prior to the rental period as we were not given enough time to ensure these were sent earlier to avoid potential delays.

By agreeing to our rental agreement you exempt us from any liabilities due to postal delays.


How late can I place an order?

I am a pick up!

Pick ups will be contacted with all the information needed 1 working day prior to their rental start period with a pick up email- please respond to this.

Pick ups are required to return garments to the drop box on the return date.

You agree you will not send a picked up rental back in your own return bag. You also agree you will not send an item back on normal post, this will mean you will be charged for late fees as this type of postal service takes at least 4 days. 


  1. I have lost my return bag

You also agree should you lose your return bag, that you will not send the item back without contacting us first as we may be able to forward you a label to print on paper. Should you not have access to a printer you agree you MUST send the garment back on overnight courier (yellow ticket). Should you send the item back incorrectly or on economy post you will be liable for late fees and any rentals we must cancel. 


  1. Theft or unpaid damages

When theft or unpaid damages occur (the item is not returned after the rental period ends or damage to the item has not been compensated by the renter), you will receive an invoice for up to 150% of the garments total RRP & import costs OR the cost of damages as determined by First Date Rentals  (including any taxes).  If you, the renter fails to pay these charges you authorise First Date Rentals to seek compensation for 150% of the RRP of the garment, the cost of any rentals we need to cancel, late fees of $20 per day that the garment is still not returned past its rental period end date. Methods can include but are not limited to debt collection agencies, disputes tribunal, naming your full name. Renters who breach the rental agreement/ contract waive their rights to their information being kept private. Private details entered when placing the order may be used to recover the garment/ seek compensation. Renters must themselves cover recovery collection costs should we need to use debt collection, disputes tribunal or legal action. 

First Date Rentals also reserves the legal right to take all steps necessary to receive the required compensation or fees required by breaking these terms & conditions outlined in this rental agreement. Such as legal action and debt collection.


  1. Dry Cleaning/ Cleaning Costs

Renters are asked to not try to wash or dry clean our garments, once we receive the item back we will inspect it and determine the cost of cleaning, if there is any.

The majority of light staining we can remove our selves without cost to the renter. We will determine if we can do this! This is called 'simple cleaning' and can be described as light staining or dirtiness that can be removed by us personally, all staining or damage beyond this that cannot be easily removed or fixed by us will be subject to extra fees. 

If the item is stained beyond our means or damaged but is able to be fixed by a dry cleaner/ garment repair place , then you agree that you are required to pay extra dry-cleaning/ repair costs. You are required to pay the extra fee immediately, and will be invoiced with the cost via email. We reserve the right to select the dry cleaner/ repair place. The cleaning fee is determined by us & the cleaning service/ or repair place, although we will be entirely fair and will contact you to make these arrangements. 

Please note specialist fabrics (Eg. Silks) or specific staining or staining types may result in heavier cleaning fees. As these will require specialist cleaning. 

Please note: All damages or staining made before your rental, will not be considered your fault and will be taken note of and will be listed in the garment condition description.


  1. Modifications to our website/ service

Prices for our products are subject to change without notice. 
We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service (or any part or content thereof) without notice at any time. 
We shall not be liable to you or to any third-party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.


  1. Ring Light Selfie Booths

We offer... 4 hour, 12 hour and 24 hour packages. We require the item to be returned by the end of the period. The time period starts at pick up/ drop off.

We will only rent to the Auckland Area.
You agree that you are liable for any damages caused during the rental of the ring light selfie booth. And that you will be required to pay compensation in order to repair these or for replacement.You also agree that you will return the booth on time.


  1. Cancellations/ Refunds

We offer a 24 hour cancellation policy, starting from the time of booking placement, in which the customer can contact us to cancel the rental and receive a full refund should the item have not been sent. This however does not apply if the bookings rental period is within a week of the booking being made.

We do not offer refunds for a booked rental due to 'change of mind' (ie. cancellations). Renting an item is at your own risk in terms of how it will suit you, its fit or in person appearance. Circumstances at which refunds will be offered are only where we have been at fault. 

If a rental is cancelled through notifying us and the garment is then rebooked for the same dates, we will provide a refund. This is because by renting a garment you are blocking the dress out for other customers.

If a rental is cancelled prior to the item being sent or put out for pick up, the renter can also choose to receive a credit voucher. Swap outs can usually be arranged if you would like this option!

If the garment arrives late due to postal delays, was sent more than 2 days in advance of the rental period start date and is able to be returned the same day, we will happily offer store credit minus the shipping cost to all renters. Please contact us if this applies to you and we will be happy to set you up a store credit code!

We do not offer refunds or store credits for orders placed on the Wednesday, Thursday or Friday prior to the rental period as we were not given enough time to ensure these were sent earlier to avoid potential delays.

We do our very best to put recommended sizings, appearance, length and more on our rental listings.  We are also happy to give measurements and talk to you regarding our experience with the sizing of an item. But these are not always accurate, and may not represent the actual fit on you. Although we do our best to help with sizing, our recommendations do not make us liable if the item does not fit. These circumstances will not result in a refund, as we are not liable if the information on the website is not completely accurate.

All refund or credit applicable rentals MUST be returned to First Date Rentals on time and are still bound to our rental agreement until the item is returned in its sent condition. Refunds and credit are issued upon the rental garment being received back by us.

All orders applicable to a refund that were placed using store credit are not applicable to refunds, instead the store credit will be reissued.


  1. Returns/ Return Cards

Please ensure you return your garment either by dropping it back to us or posting it, by the date stated on your return card. We rely heavily on trusting renters to return items in time. By not doing so you are potentially affecting another renters garment for their special event.

Please only return posted garments in our prepaid return bags. Should you loose your bag please contact us and we will email you through the shipping label to print on an A4 piece of paper and then stick to a postage bag. 

Please do not ship back pick up rentals. Please contact us first if you need to ship back a pick up rental. 

Rentals shipped back not in our return bags are subject to late fees should the item not arrive back in time. 

All return cards must be returned with the garment, as to align with our sustainable approach. All cards not returned will require a $20 fee.


  1. Late Fees

If the garment is not sent back to us or received (dropped off) by the day stated on your return card, we require a $20 per day late fee for every day past your agreed rental end date.

By renting, you are agreeing to pay this $20 per day fee. The end of your rental period is stated on your return card. Late fees also apply to late payments of replacement costs of garments, damage and cleaning compensation.

Due to the postal system being closed on weekends. Rentals over weekends, must be returned by Monday. If the following Monday is a public holiday, please send back the garment on the next normal working day.

If you return an item late and due to this another rental has to be cancelled you are required to pay compensation to the value of the rental that has had to be cancelled.

  1. Bulk Rentals

All bulk rentals are bound to the same rental agreement as normal rentals.

Should an item be returned more than 3 days late without contacting us & for a justifiable reason you waive the right to anymore outstanding bulk rentals in your subscription. 
Bulk rentals only apply to rentals $85 and under.


  1. COVID-19

For Covid-19 related cancellations made by both the renters and by us. We will ONLY be offering either store credit or the option to shift the date of all rentals affected by COVID-19 restrictions, the need to isolate and event cancellations. We must be notified prior to posting the garment/ pick up. Please feel free to email or message us on Instagram to arrange this if you have been effected.


  1. Payment Options 

The payment methods offered by First Date Rentals through our secure checkout system include:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Laybuy
  • Afterpay
  • Apple Pay
  • Shopify Pay
  • Google pay

We do not hold or take bookings prior to payment being made.


  1. Limitations of our Liability

First Date Rentals holds no liability to you or any other third party, for any unforeseen circumstances or circumstances due to errors in information given to us by the renter, that result in any damage to the item, non-delivery, or loss of item. You solely hold responsibility for the item during the rental period, if any damage and or claims are made against you as a result of occurrences that happened while you were responsible for the item regardless of whether or not they were your own doing or out of your control, you will be held solely responsible for the costs incurred.

First Date Rentals will not be liable to the Renter or any third party for any damage or loss resulting from any defect.


  1. Our commitment to you

We pride ourselves on our customers and absolutely love to see you slay in our garments! We cannot wait to see your photos! Therefore, we will do our absolute best to provide customers with the best service and their gorgeous garments!

By placing a booking with First Date Rentals, we agree to deliver the correct garment booked in the correct sizing, colour and on the date agreed upon to the correct address. Should we break this agreement you will be given a full refund, please message us as soon as possible! This can be done through our Instagram or email (contact options are also listed below). We require you to send back the item immediately after doing this.

We make sure that all products match the quality level that we have described our products to be at, clean and ready to wear. We inspect our items carefully before sending them away, however if you receive the item and it is not up to the standards outlined please contact First Date Rentals within 24 hours of receiving the items.


  1. Your Obligations

Once the garment has been delivered, you are then responsible for its safety. Therefore, please look after it! If the item is stolen once it leaves the courier, for example left out in the rain or stolen from a mail box, you are legally in its possession, therefore it is in your responsibility.

We provide a complimentary return courier bag and label in your package, as part of your rental, this is included in our $12 overnight shipping fee. Please return all rentals in this return bag only.

If an item is posted back not in its return bag or posted back from a pick up, and is posted on normal post instead of overnight courier. You will be subject to late fees as this type of postal service can take 1-2 weeks to reach us, and will likely affect other rentals.

Please track your items actively to avoid shipping issues. If there is a fault on the shipping companies end, please refer to the shipping section of our terms for instructions regarding dealing with this.

You the renter have an obligation to.. but not limited to

  • Take care of the items to the best of your ability
  • Do not alter or wash garments
  • Pay compensation when required by breach of the First Date Rentals rental agreement as ticked at checkout
  • Return the item on time as stated on your return card

If an item is not returned/ lost/ destroyed, then the $20 per day late fees apply until compensation has been made. 


  1. Customer Care

If you have any questions, feedback or issues with your order please contact First Date Rentals through one of the following contact options.

Instagram Direct Message- @Firstdaterentals


We will aim to respond to your enquiry if not immediately within 2 working days.


  1. Termination 

The obligations and liabilities of the parties incurred prior to the termination date shall survive the termination of this agreement (the rental period) for all purposes.
These Terms of Service are effective unless and until terminated by either you or us. You may terminate these Terms of Service at any time by notifying us that you no longer wish to use our Services, this is dependent on any garment you ordered being already returned to us.

If in our sole judgment you fail, or we suspect that you have failed, to comply with any term or provision of these Terms of Service, we also may terminate this agreement at any time without notice and you will remain liable for all amounts due up to and including the date of termination; and/or accordingly may deny you access to our Services (or any part thereof).

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time. 
You understand that your content (not including credit card information), may be transferred unencrypted and involve (a) transmissions over various networks; and (b) changes to conform and adapt to technical requirements of connecting networks or devices. Credit card information is always encrypted during transfer over networks. 


First Date Rentals x