First Date Rentals was brought to life in the beautiful New Zealand. With our beautiful surroundings in mind, we are proud to provide a service that values its sustainability & accessibility to our customers. Recently, people are progressively becoming more mindful of their environmental footprint and its impact on our planet.

As are our customers, we as a business are committed to doing our part to support the planet through our fashion circularity. 

Below you will find a summary of our efforts to-date, with more coming in the near future.

We are also always open to further suggestions if you have any!

Circular Fashion

When renting with us instead of buying, you support the reuse of garments. Renting reduces fast fashion and clothing waste's environmental impact on the planet. When purchasing garments, we carefully select from designers who follow strict ethical and environmental guidelines.

Collection bags

Our eco-friendly pick up bagsare made from 100% Organic Cotton and printed with water-based inks!

Courier bags

We exclusively use R3 Pack (A homegrown sustainable packaging business) for all of our postal packaging. Once you've received your rental- chuck the bag & tissue paper in the recycling bin! It's as simple as that!

Return Cards

With all garment rentals you will receive a reusable return card! We have made sure to wrap these in a film for sanitation. Make sure to return your card with your rental!

Repair & Re-Use

We're committed to extending the life of our rental garments through repair & washing practices. We strongly encourage our customers to treat our pieces with love & care to extend their life.

When damage occurs, our talented seamstress & dry cleaners work to bring items back to life where possible. At the end of their rental life, our garments are either donated to various charities (Such as the Blind Foundation or SPCA who love fabric donations for their animals) or where applicable are resold in pre-loved condition.