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Bulk Rentals

Bulk Rental Class
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Have multiple events coming up? Why not buy a bulk rental subscription to SAVE! 


Bulk Rental Classes:

  • Gold: 6X Rentals & Shipping for the price of $41 each! (45% discount)

  • Silver: 4X Rentals & Shipping for the price of $45 each! (40.1% discount)

  • Bronze: 3X Rentals & Shipping for the price of $49.66 each! (33.5% discount)

  • The average rental price is $75.00 including shipping costs, this offer allows you to rent in bulk for cheaper!



      • The shipping cost is included within this, this offers a huge discount! Rural postage addresses have a $5 excess per shipment. 
      • Book multiple bookings with your friends for cheaper! Each item booked = 1 use.
      • Pick up is available when requested. There is no change in pricing for this.
      • Bulk rental bookings are subject to garment availability.
      • *This offer does not apply for rental garments with rental fees over $85. If you wish to rent a garment over the $85 limit, you may do so by paying the excess over the $85 limit. 
      • Bulk rentals are only applicable for 'normal rental' durations (1-4 days)
      • All bulk rentals purchases are valid for 6 months from purchase.
      • All bulk rentals are still fully bound to our rental agreement/terms and conditions of renting. 


      Steps for booking:

      1. Purchase your Bulk Rental Subscription. 
      2. Whenever you would like to book a rental email us at firstdaterentals@gmail.com with your garment name, size and date and we will manually book this in for you. Make sure to check availability first!
      3. If you are booking rentals under a bulk rental with friends please supply their information.
      4. We will email you with confirmation that this booking has gone through and proceed to use the details entered when the bulk rental subscription was purchased (eg. address entered) to fulfil your order. Please tell us if you require us to send your item to a different address.
      5. Its as simple as that! Feel free to book your rentals whenever you want!