Shipping, Pick up & Return Info

The following policy is extracted from our full rental agreement. 


I am a pick up!

Our pick up location is Milford Auckland. Our full address is kept private unless an order is placed which requires pick up or you have booked a try on. 

Pick ups will be contacted via a pick up email containing all collection details. Pick up emails are sent the working day prior to their rental start period. Pick up emails can sort to spam folders on occasion, please monitor these. 

Please book extended rentals in the case you need to pick up a garment early. 

Pick ups are required to return garments via drop off to the same address they were collected from on their return date.

You agree you will not send a picked up rental back in your own return bag. You also agree you will not send an item back on normal post, this will mean you will be charged for late fees as this type of postal service takes at least 4 days. 


How we ship? 

All parcels are shipped through a Go Sweet Spot business account using NZPost as the carrier.  NZPosts network only functions on weekdays (excluding public holidays)- unless a Saturday delivery ticket is used. Therefore we can only ship on weekdays. Our labels are electronically generated based off the details inputted at checkout. 

Garments are typically posted 2-3 working days prior to your rental start period. Unless in the circumstances of a late order. For Friday/ Weekend orders we typically ship on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. This allows at least 2 days on overnight courier to reach you. We will always contact renters in the event of a disruption to our ability to send an item 2-3 days prior to an event.

Your tracking number will be sent to you via email or text message when your item has been packaged by us. Please contact us if you have not received your tracking number. Your delivery estimate can be checked via your tracking which shows the target delivery date.

All of our postage rentals include prepaid return bags. 

We offer same day posting for late orders placed before 2pm, orders placed after this time will be shipped the following day. 

Renters must monitor their parcels closely and contact NZPost urgently should issues arise. 


Shipping options:

    Overnight courier shipping: NZPost overnight courier is estimated to be overnight, but not guaranteed. This service is subject to shipping delays that may affect the items ability in meeting this estimate. Although the majority of parcels make their overnight targets.

    Rural shipping: Rural courier is estimated to take 2-3 days to arrive. If you do not select Rural shipping for a rural address, we are not liable if the item does not arrive in time.

    Saturday delivery: If an order is placed after 2pm on Wednesday for the current week/weekend & your event date is Saturday, we strongly advise selecting Saturday delivery as your shipping option. Late orders that select Saturday delivery tags are still made at the renters own risk. Saturday delivery is not available for rural addresses.


    Renters who incorrectly select pick up instead of shipping, will not be offered any form of compensation if the garment does not arrive to them in time. Please carefully select your shipping option, and double check this on your order confirmation.

    Please note we can only do as much as the postal system allows us to. We always ship on overnight courier, however this is subject to delays which are out of our control. When renting garments there is always an associated risk, particularly when you are choosing for us to ship the item via NZPost as a seperate contractor. We have a 3/4 day automatic block either-side of all rentals to allow for extra secure turn around times. However if delays are extensive or previous renters do not post their items back on time there is always slight risk. 


    Steps to contact NZ Post

    To track your item please go to the NZ post or Go Sweet spot tracking website. Or click the tracking link on your email. We advise constantly monitoring your tracking.

    Shipping delays do occur. If your item has been delayed, please contact NZPost/ Courier Post on 0800 268 743 as soon as possible. Do not enter the tracking number when prompted (Doing this will only mean the system reiterates tracking updates to you). Rather keep hitting # until it connects you to a representative (Usually 3 times).

    We ask that receivers contact NZ Post for issues as this is the items postal carrier and we unfortunately have no control over delays. When contacting NZ Post, depot pick ups can usually be arranged if the item has reached your local depot. 

    We want to advise that often when items say their last scan is at the outward depot (East Tamaki) that they are often not still located here. There is typically never any inward depot scan. Items usually move straight from Processing at outward depot to suddenly “ready for courier” or “out for delivery”. This can change at any time! 

    We are not liable for communications between our customers and NZ Post. Although in some circumstances we may try assist, this does not make us liable for the communication involved.

    Your item has been shipped- What's next?

    To track your item please go to the NZ post or Go Sweet Spot's tracking website. Or click the tracking link on your email. Please monitor your tracking closely.

    Please take caution in redirecting your item. This will likely cause delivery delays in getting your parcel on time as the parcel will then be halted in processing & require relabelling. Should you request a redirection we are not liable if the parcel does not arrive on time. 


    Delays/ Issues in the Courier Network

    To check regional delays within NZPost please click here.

    We unfortunately cannot speed up orders once within the NZPost Network, please contact NZ Post for assistance with courier related issues. Please also contact us to let us know if the garment is delayed. We do however monitor our parcels while in transit. We are happy to try help and offer any assistance to you! Please contact us if you would like an investigation opened for a delayed parcel.

    When contacting NZ Post we also advise that sometimes depot pick ups can be arranged if the item has reached your local depot. All contact must be made urgently to us and NZ Post in the even of a missing or extremely delayed parcel. If your item has made it to your local depot or is stuck at "ready for courier" please urgently call NZPost to request a depot collection.

    Parcels with tracking showing 'attempted delivery', 'ready for courier', AND/OR redirection requested are not applicable for refunds. We recommend that you pick it up from the depot/post shop if the parcel has been attempted for delivery or has spent an extended amount of time awaiting courier collection. Redelivery or redirection will likely cause major delays.

    Should an item say delivered but can not be located by the renter, the renter must urgently contact NZ Post. As this means the item is determined to be with you and your responsibility. Delivered parcels which NZPost can show an accurate geo-tagged proof of delivery within your property boundary are at the full responsibility of the renter. Renters are required to take responsible & urgent action in these cases.


    Orders that arrive after rental start dates

    Orders that do not arrive by the rental period start date are assessed on an individual basis by us. Please email us immediately if your parcel does not arrive by your rental start date.

    Should an order arrive after its start date, it must still be returned on time. Should a customer not return the garment by its return date they waive the right to any refund.

    We do not offer refunds or store credits for orders placed after the 2pm Wednesday postal cut off, Thursday or Friday prior to weekend rentals OR orders placed less than 3 full working days in advance to the rental period start date as we were not given enough time to ensure these were sent earlier to avoid potential delays. 

    We do not offer refunds for orders where rural addresses have not been declared correctly during the ordering process.

    We do not offer refunds for orders where recipients have redirected the parcel in transit. Redirection will mean the parcel is pulled from processing to relabel which causes delays.

    Orders that do not arrive in time due to late returns will be offered a full refund should the garment not arrive on time. We will contact the renter as soon as we know an item is returning to us late, so the renter will know if this applies to them and that the item is being sent late.

    All orders that arrive late due to NZPost delays are not applicable for refunds of their shipping costs. NZPost does not offer postal charge refunds in the instance that parcels do not make their estimated delivery dates. 

    Any order which we have assessed and determined that a refund is appropriate will only have this processed once the garment is received back by us. It must be un-worn condition and posted back correctly within 24 hours of receiving it.

    By agreeing to our rental agreement you exempt us from any liabilities due to postal delays.


    Returning your garment
    Postal rentals: Please only post garments in your prepaid return bags & drop them to a NZ post office counter as early as possible. Postal returns need to be completed by 4pm at latest.


    Pick up rentals: Please pack your rental inside its branded return bag with its return card. Return the bag, return card and garment to our drop box or doorstep & contact us to let us know its there! 

    Returning rentals late or incorrectly will subject you to $20 per day late fees AND/ OR require you to cover the cost of the next rental should it need to be cancelled. Incorrect methods of returning rental garments includes the use of:

    • -Your own postage (Particularly economy post)
    • -Using letter post drop boxes instead of post office counters
    • -Offloading your return duties to a third party which results in its late return (EG. Hall staff, work postage areas) 


    How late can I place an order?


    I have lost my return bag

    You also agree should you lose your return bag, that you will not send the item back without contacting us first as we may be able to forward you a label to print on paper. Should you not have access to a printer you agree you MUST urgently send the garment back on NZPOST overnight courier (yellow ticket) & forward us the tracking. Should you send the item back incorrectly or on economy post you will be liable for late fees and any rentals we must cancel.